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The University of the Punjab has introduced three year LL.B; degree course with effect from the academic session 1992 to 1993. The admission to degree programme shall be as follows:-

The graduates who have passed, B.A. , b.SC. , B.Com, M.A., M.Sc., M.B.A., or M.B.B.S., or equal and higher degree examination are eligible for admission to the LL.B part-I Classes.
A). Morning Classes (fresh graduates)
B). Evening Classes (Govt. / Semi Govt. employees)

Admission in LL.B., part II is offered to those candidates who passed the LL.B. Part-I examination. Provisional admission is offered to those who have appeared in LL.B.-I examination.

As a matter of policy the admission to LL.B final year shall be given in future, to those students who have passed LL.B. Part-I and II examination. Provisional admission is also offered to those who have appeared in LL.B. Part -II examination or those who have earned exemptions/exemptions in LL.B. -II examination.

Admission Procedure
Admission to LL.B. degree classes starts around August/ September every year. Candidate seeking admission should fill in the admission form carefully. (Attached along with the prospectus). The candidates are advised to attach the required documents along with the admission form and submit the same in the office.



  • Syllabi and courses of reading for LL.B. degree course.
  • As approved by the university of the punjab, the syllabi and courses of reading for LL.B. three year course commencing from 2002 to 2003. However, the detailed contents of different courses shall be given to the teachers responsible for teaching the subjects. Courses shall be taught, where need be, with reference to court cases selected by the teacher while teaching various subjects, but no specific marks are allocated for that purpose.

LL.B. Part-I

 Paper-I           English Jurisprudence                                                           100 Marks

Books Recommended
 1.        Jurisprudence by Sir John Salmand edited by fritzgerrald
2.         English Jurisprudence by Prof. Dr. C.M. Hanif
3.         Jurisprudence by Hibbert

 Paper-II          Law of Contract                                                         100 Marks
1.         General principles of law of contract
2.         The Contract Act 1872 (Act IX of 1872) with commentary  60 Marks
3.         The sale of Goods Act 1930 (III of 1930)                         20 Marks
4.         The Partnership Act 1932                                             20 Marks

Books Recommended
1.         General principles of Law of Contracts by Cheshire and Fifoot.
2.         General Principles of Contracts by Anson
3.         Law of Contract by Rattan Lal (India)
4.         Shaukat Mehmood on Law of Contracts

Paper -III         Islamic Jurisprudence                        100Marks

Books Recommended
1.         Muhammadan Jurisprudence by Abdul Rahim
2,         Islamic Jurisprudence by Prof. Dr. C.M. Hanif
3.         Phalspha Shariat-e-Islam by Subuhi Mehmasani
4.         The early development of Islamic Jurisprudence by Dr. Ahmed Hassan
5.         Islam ka Nizam-e-Hakumat by Maulana Hamid Al-Ansari Ghazi
6.         Hujjat ALLAH al Baligha (Urdu) by Shah wali Allah Part -I
7.         Reconstruction of Legal Thought in Islam by Dr. Riaz-ul-Hassan Gillani


Paper IV          Law of Tort and Easement                                        100 Marks
1.         Law of Tort                                                               80 Marks
2.         Easement Acts of 1882 (with Commentary as upto date)   20 Marks

Books Recommended
 1.        Winfield on Tort
2.         R.K. Kapoor on Law of Tort
3.         Salmond on Torts
6.         Easement Act V of 1882 (with Commentary)

Paper - V        Criminal Law                                                  100 Marks
 1.        General Principles of English Criminal Law             20 Marks
2.         Pakistan Penal Code                                        60 Marks
3.         Hudood Laws of Pakistan                                  20 Marks


Page 12
 Books Recommended
1.         Criminal Law by cross and Jones
2.         Smith and Hoggen on English Criminal Law
3.         General Principles of Criminal Law by Prof. Dr. C.M.Hanif
4.         Prof. Dr. C.M. Hanif on Pakistan Penal Code (Commentary in two volumes)
5.         Nizami on Pakistan Penal Code
8.         Hudood Ordinance, 1979

Paper VI          Constitutional Law-I                                      100 Marks
1.         Principles of British Constitution                             50 Marks
2.         Constitution of USA                                             50 Marks

Books Recommended
1.         The English Constitution by Beghot
2.         Law of the Constitution by Dicey
3.         Govt. of England by Lowell
4.         The Govt. of USA by Munro

Paper -I           Constitutional Law-II                                                                                                 100 Marks
1.         Constitution of Islamic republic of Pakistan 1973 (as amended up to date)                      80 Marks
2.         Constitutional History of Indo Pakistan, Constitutional History of Pakistan from 1947, onward, including the late Constitutions of Pakistan 1956, 1962 and the interim Constitution of 1972                  20 Marks

Books Recommended
1.         Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan by Shaukat Mehmood
2.         Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan by Ahmer Fazeel (1997)
3.         Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan by M.Mahmud
4.         Qanoon-e- dustoori by Prof. Khalil ullah
5.         Constitution of Pakistan by G.W.Chaudhary

Paper -II          EQUITY                                                                                                100 Marks
1.         Principles of equity including maxims of equity as given in Snell on equity 30 Marks
2.         Trust Act 1882 (Act II of 1882)                                                        30 Marks
3.         The Specific Relief Act 1877                                                             40 Marks

Books Recommended

Paper-II           Company Law                                                                                     100 Marks
1.         Companies Ordinance 1984                                                                 80 Marks
2.         Negotiable Instruments Act                                                                20 Marks

Recommended Books

  1. Sarrar’s Company Law
  2. Gower on Company Law

Paper - IV       Property Laws                                                                                    100 Marks
1.         Transfer of Property Act                                                                   40 Marks
2.         Land Acquisition Act                                                                        20 Marks
3.         Registration Act                                                                              20 Marks
4.         Succession Act                                                                               20 Marks

Books Recommended
1.         Transfer of Property Act by Shaukat Mahmood
2.         Transfer of Property by Dr.C.M.Hanif

 Paper-V         Islamic Personal Law                                                                                     100 Marks
1.         Muslim Personal Law including all relevant enactments and quranic verses for example: - the Dissolution of marriage Act (VIII of 1961), Muslim Family Law Ordinance VII of 1961; west Pakistan, Muslim Personal Law (Shariat application Act V of 1962)                                                                60 Marks
2.     Islamic pre-emption laws (Punjab Pre-emption Act IX of 1991) as amended upto date (Sec.1 to 37)                                                                                                                              20 Marks
3.        Guardian and Wards Act (VIII of 1890) sec. 1 to 51                                      20 Marks

Books Recommended
1.         Outlines of Muhammadan Law by A.A. Fyzee
2.         Islamic Law, Theory and practice by Aziz Ahmed
3.         Islamic Law by D. F. Mulla
4.         Studies in Muslim Law by N.U.A. Siddiqui

Page 14

Paper - VI       Public International Law                                                                           100 Marks
                        Private International Law

Books Recommended
1.         Principles of Public international law by Brownli, I
2.         International Law by Oppenhein, Vol. I AND II, edited by H.Lauter pacht
3.         Introduction to International Law by J. G.Stark
4.         Law of Nation by Brierly, J.L.
5.         International Law by Schwazanbinger
6.         International Law by Tandon, M.P.
7.         The Conflict of Law by R.H.Graveson
8.         Private International Law by Cheshire and north
9.         Conflict of Law by Dicey and Morris

Paper -VII       Special and Local Laws                                                                      100 Marks
1.         Land Revenue Act (West Pakistan land revenue Act) (XVILL) 1967 AS AMMNEDE UP TO DATE                                                                                                                                   60 Marks
2. Tenancy Act (Punjab Tenancy Act XVI of 1887 as amended upto date)              40 Marks

Books Recommended
1.         Punjab Land Revenue Act by Aggarawala , O.P.
2.         Land Revenue Act by Idress, C.M.
3.         Punjab Land Revenue Act by Mittal, H.C.
4.         Punjab Land Revenue Act by Mokal , S.M.I.K
5.         Land Revenue Act by Shuykat Mahmood
6.         Punjab Tenancy Act by Aggarwala,O.P.


Page 14
 LL.B. PART-III            

Paper -I           Law of Civil Procedure and Limitation Act                                     100 Marks
1.         The Civil Procedure Code 1908 as amended upto date                             80 Marks
2.         The Limitation Act 1908 (Act IX of 1908( as amended upto date               20 Marks
            (Excluding Schedule)

Books Recommended
1.         Civil Procedure Code by Amer Raza A. Khan
2.         Civil Procedure Code by Nizami
3.         Civil Procedure code by Shaukat Mehmood

 Paper -II         Criminal Procedure Code and Medical Jurisprudence                100 Marks
1.         The Criminal Procedure Code 1898 (Act V of 1998) as amended upto date 80 Marks
2.         Medical Jurisprudence with reference to autopsy and injuries                  20 Marks

Books Recommended
1.         Criminal Procedure Code by M.H. Nizami
2.         Criminal Procedure Code by Shaukat Mehmood
3.         Criminal Procedure Code by Prof. Dr. C.M.Hanif
Paper-III          Law of Evidence and Legal Ethics                                                    100 Marks
 1.        Qanoon-e-Shahadat Order 1984 (X OF 1984)*Evidence Law) as amended upto date
                                                                                                                  80 Marks
2.         General Principles of Legal Ethics                                                           20 Marks

Books Recommended
1.         Qanoon-e-shahadat order 1984 by Prof. Dr. C.M.Hanif
2.         Law of Evidence by Munir
3.         Law of evidence by Best
4.         Law of Evidence by pHIPSON
5.         Law of Evidence by M.Mehmood
6.         Road to Justice by Lord Denning

 Paper -IV       Conveyancing and Pleadings and Interpretation of Statutes       100 Marks
1.         Conveyancing                                                                                    40 Marks
2.         Pleading                                                                                            40 Marks
3.         Law of Interpretation of statutes                                                          20 Marks

Course Contents:-
1.         Conveyance and pleading
            i). Drafting by I.C. Desouza (Ommiting Chapter II) Part II (Major Petitions to Courts)
            ii). Pleadings ion India with precedents by C.WALSH AND J.C.WEIR
            iii). Desta weznavisi by pennan Lal in Urdu (Latest edition ) only the following 75 forms are prescribed

1. Receipts No. 1                                           2. Bonds No. 1-2-6-9
3. Agreement 1-5-6-10                                   4.Mukhtarnama 1-2-3

Page No. 16
5. Bainama 1-4-20-23                                     6. Rahn Nama 1-2-3-5-6-7-8-9-13
7. Exchange 1-2-3                                         8. Hibanama 1-2-3
9. Talak Nama 1-2-3-4                                  10. Wills 1-2-4-5
11. Partnership deed 1-3                                12. Dedication 1-2-8
13. Settlement 1-2                                        14. Bonds 3
15. Adoption 1-4                                           16. Marriage 1-2-3
17. Arbitration 1-2-3                                      18. Notice 1-3-5-8-12-13
19. Musawada 1-2-3-4                                   20. Promissory Note 1-2-3-4
21. Pata 1-6(b)   

Note: beside the above forms students shall be expected to be familiar with drafting of plaints, written statements and application for execution in Urdu language

2.  Law of Interpretation of Statutes
 Section 6, 16, 21, and 26 of General Clauses Act and course as contained in the book namely ; Law of interpretation by maxwell and craze
Books Recommended
1. Law of pleading by Inayatullah .M
2. Conveyancing by Inayatullah .M
3. Pleadings in India with precedents by Sir C.walsh and J.C. weir
4. Destaweznavisi by panna lal in Urdu  Latest Edition
5. Draftintg by I.C. Desiuzal ommiting chapter 1 and 2, Part II (Majore petitions to court)
6. Law of Interpretation by Maxwell and craze

 Paper V          Constitutional Law III                                                                                    100 Marks
1. Principles of Administrative Law                                                                            40 Marks
2. Law of Administrative Tribunals                                                                             30 Marks
3. Law of Civil Service                                                                                                             30 Marks
Note:   The Course contents would be general and basic.
Principles of Administrative Law, General and basic principles of law of administrative tribunals and basic Principles of law of Civil service with reference to federal Statutes as applicable to Pakistan.

Books Recommended
1.         Principles of Administrative law by Griffith, J.A.G.
2.         Principles of Administrative law by Jain, M.P.
3.         Principles of Administrative law by Yasrdley, D.C.M.
4.         Administrative Tribunals at work by Polard , R.S.W.
5.         Administrative Tribunals for Civil Servants in Pakistan by Hammad Khan

Paper VI          Minor Acts                                                                                         100 Marks
1.         The Stamps Act (II of 1899) as amended upto date                              20 Marks
2.         The Suit Evaluation Act (III of 1887) as amended upto date                   20 Marks
3.         The Court Fees Act (VII of 1870) as amended up to date section 4,6-13,17,19 19A-K )Excluding Schedules)                                                                                                                      20 Marks
4.         The Arbitration Act (X of 1940) as amended upto date                                 20 Marks
5.         Rent Premises Act 2007                                                                          20 Marks
Books recommended
Some good commentaries on the relevant Act as recommended by the teacher.


Paper VII                     LABOUR AND Taxation                                                100 Marks

 1. Labour Laws
i). Industrial Relation Ordinance, 1969 as amended upto date                     20 Marks
            ii). W.P. Standing Orders 1968                                                  20 Marks
            iii). The Worksmen Compensation Act 1923 as amended upto date
2. Taxation Laws; Income Tax Ordinance 1979 as amended upto date        40 Marks

Books Recommeded
1.         Labour Code of Pakistan by Altaf Hussain
2.         Manual of Labour Laws by Prof. Dr. C.M.Hanif
3.         Pakistan Labour Code (Commentary) by Pannaun, N.A.
6.         Income Tax Ordinance by Rizvi

Note:   In paper I, II (Cr.P.C. ONLY) III and IV, bare acts will be allowed to use in the examination. question will be set to test the practical knowledge of candidate. Students are advised to purchase the latest edition of the law books prescribe in the syllabi and course of reading as mentioned above.




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